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Finally! A heat transfer solution to pool heating that will outlast your next 3 replacement heaters. Start saving money by the time you would normally begin to start re-spending it.

  • Fast ROI
  • Compatible with your pool
  • Proven in luxury resorts
  • 5 times more efficient
  • Seamless, noninvasive install

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RSI is an applications group with over 30 years combined experience devoted to the application and implementation of energy recovery technology. In cooperation with several utility companies, RSI offers heat pump water heater sizing, return on investment analysis, and payback proposal to potential customers. Working with a prominent manufacturer to develop a dependable commercial water heater, RSI is proud to offer the DWH series. The DWH unit is an “Air Source, Self Contained, Modular, Environmentally Friendly, Dedicated, Heat Pump Water Heater.”

Heating water at a fraction of the cost with Heat Pump Technology…


DWH Unit


With utility cost on the rise, finding a more efficient way of heating water has become a necessity. Water heating cost for many customers is a major expense. The DWH series of dedicated water heaters heat water with utility savings of 50-80% over conventional methods.

Using heat pump technology the DWH unit uses a small amount of electricity to harvest renewable heat from the sun. Both the heat from the ambient air absorbed and the electricity consumed are transferred into the water at significant savings over conventional water heating methods.


There are two models:
DWH Unit

DWH134A – utilizes 134A refrigerant and a double wall plate heat exchanger to heat domestic water up to 140F.


DWH Unit

DWH410A – uses the high efficient 410A refrigerant for pool heating applications where final temperatures less than 110F are satisfactory.


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